Camera Position 08 : Strand’s “The Family”

Paul Strand’s masterful 1953 portrait “The Family” acts as a backdrop for some thoughts on how interaction between the photographer and subject and among the subjects themselves creates visual and emotional interest in a photograph.

The Family, Luzzara, Italy, 1953
Photograph by Paul Strand

Camera Position 07 : Light, Idea and Emotion

Ultimately, a photograph comes down to a common element: Light. Using two photographs of a vineyard, this podcast explores the quality, direction and visual impact of light.

Vineyard, Umbria, 2001
Photographs by Jeff Curto

Camera Position 06 : Left, Right, Up, Down

Eugene Atget’s photograph of conical shrubs in Saint Cloud provides the visual resource for a discussion of how careful camera placement can affect a photograph.

Saint Cloud, 1921
Photograph by Eugene Atget

A great resource on Atget on Artsy

Camera Position 05 : Movement and Time

With a photograph of pecore (sheep) as an example, Camera Position #5 examines the way movement and time affect a photographic image. In many ways, every photograph is about the past and about the passage of time.

Pecore, Tuscany, 1994
Photograph by Jeff Curto

Camera Position 04 : Patience and Seeing

Using a photograph of Venice, Camera Position #4 explores the idea of how sometimes what you think you want in a photograph isn’t the most interesting thing there. Sometimes the subject is right in front of you; you just have to be patient enough to find it.

Calle del Forno, Venice, 1990
Photograph by Jeff Curto

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