Camera Position 22 : Getting Back Your Box of Crayons

Box O' Crayons

This episode of Camera Position is a bit different from previous episodes. First off, it is a lot longer. Weighing in at a little over an hour, it is a podcast of a presentation I made recently at the MacSpecialist store in Villa Park, Illinois. I had been invited to come and speak to a group of photographers, illustrators and designers on the creative process and how not to become stagnant creatively. I titled my presentation “Getting Back Your Box of Crayons” and spent my time talking about how creativity works and how we can nurture and encourage creativity in our lives. Thanks to the MacSpecialist folks for the opportunity to be a part of their schedule of presenters.
During the presentation, I reference a couple of PDF documents which are available for download here:
Soft & Hard
What If?

Also, I’ve posted a PDF of the “slideshow” of the presentation here:
Getting Back Your Box of Crayons

If you’re watching the podcast via iTunes on your computer, you’ll be able to see the slides in iTunes; otherwise you will probably want to download the PDF above. Unfortunately, the audio quality isn’t what you’ve come to expect from Camera Position, but I hope you’ll find the ideas useful.
The next episode of Camera Position will return to our regular format, but I thought at least some of you listeners might find this presentation interesting.

7 thoughts on “Camera Position 22 : Getting Back Your Box of Crayons”

  1. This has to be one of my favourite podcasts that I’ve listened to in a long time. Thank you!

    ps. I’ve also been enjoying the other podcasts from Camera Position and believe I’ve improved my photographic vision as a result.

  2. This was great! I definately found some ideas to take back to my day job.

    I was reminded several times of a book I’ve read that I HIGHLY recommend to you. It’s the best $14.30 I ever spent at Amazon – “Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fools Guide to Surviving With Grace”, by Gordon MacKenzie, formally of Hallmark Cards.

    His message is that we were all creative once; we were all artists once; but the “system” convinced us we weren’t. Now, how do we get it back?

  3. Good stuff, Jeff. Nice to have a snippet of your day-job after listening to you mention it in your podcasts. This has certainly made me go back and look for those crayons!

  4. Thanks so much, Jeff, for including the pdf of your episode 22 podcast. I can see the images you present in a much, MUCH clearer form! I feel like I’m actually there with you.

  5. Jeff,
    I’m just catching up to the backlog of your Podcasts and this was an excellent modification to your ‘normal’ podcasts. I hope you will add this instructional method to future podcast topics.

    Get out those crayons and put that logic in the closet for a while.


  6. Thanks, Chris…

    I’ll take a shot at doing it again… we’ll see what happens… thanks for the encouragement!

    Aside from my History of Photography class (which I podcast) I don’t do all that much “lecturing” in my classes, so it’s rare that I get the chance to “just talk” like that.

    Thanks for listening!


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