Camera Position 23 : Take a Left Turn

San Giorgio, Modica, Sicily

Palazzo, Modica, Sicilia, 2006 - Photograph by Jeff Curto

Cherub, San Giorgio, Modica, Sicily, 2006 - Photograph by Jeff Curto

Photographs by Jeff Curto

Sometimes, when you think that there is a photographic subject in front of you, you can’t see the picture you want to make. In this episode, I talk about taking a left turn, both to find a photograph and to provide a catalyst for even more images. I also take a left turn with my vow to not talk about technical matters and wax rhapsodically about the new Epson V750 Pro scanner I’ve been using this past week.

2 thoughts on “Camera Position 23 : Take a Left Turn”

  1. Jeff, I’m glad you’re back from Italy. You were sorely missed. Your podcasts have picked up where you left off and maybe better than ever. I still find inspiration in your podcasts and look forward to each one of them which is the highest complement I can give.

    Glad your back.


  2. Wow, Don… Thanks! I’ve got some new “stuff” in the hopper… hope it’s helpful and interesting to you and the rest of the folks.

    All the best,


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