Mar 03 2014

Camera Position 135 : Off The Wall #3 – The Digital Story

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In this episode, we take a third look at how we can get our work “off the wall” by creating digital stories. Using iMovie, Final Cut Pro, ProShow Gold or similar software to combine image, motion and audio, we can get our photographs in front of viewer’s eyes. I discuss content, tools and process with the goal of getting you to tell your own stories. Once you create your digital story, post a link to it on the Camera Position Facebook page.

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The Digital Story: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Penfield House

Penfield House from Jeff Curto on Vimeo.

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Nov 25 2013

Camera Position 134 : Off The Wall #2 – iBooks

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This episode offers a second look at how we can get our work “off the wall” by creating ebooks using iBooks Author to get our photographs under viewer’s eyes.iPadebook
You can download the free book The Lakeshore in Winter from the iBookstore using the link below.

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Nov 11 2013

Camera Position 133 : Off The Wall #1 – MagCloud

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As photographers, we translate our ideas into objects. In this episode, we look at how we can get our work “off the wall” by using the print on demand service MagCloud to get our photographs under viewer’s eyes.

  •  MagCloud – I’ve linked to the “Create” section here where you can find out how to make a MagCloud of your own.
  • At the Lake’s Edge - Jeff’s MagCloud publication available either printed or as a free e-download
  • Jeff’s Podcasts Facebook Page – Like the page and post your MagCloud publication link there when you finish it
  • Tuscany Photography Workshop – My Tuscany workshop registration is now underway; only a few spots left
Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 1.53.18 PM

Jeff’s MagCloud publication


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Sep 24 2013

Camera Position 132 : I am a Translator

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Learning photography is like learning a language. As we assimilate photographic vocabulary, nuance and the like, we wind up being interpreters or translators of our ideas, interpreting those ideas into objects.

Paper Maiché maker in Lecce, Puglia

Paper Maiché maker in Lecce, Puglia, Photograph by Jeff Curto

I’ve realized that as I progress, my interest in photography as an artistic practice is in the learning of more visual languages and in becoming a strong enough speaker in each to effectively translate the many stories I have continually flowing through my mind.

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Sep 10 2013

Camera Position 131 : The Hammer and The Nail

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“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” is a phrase attributed to  psychologist Abraham Maslow, but I’ve always thought it had application to photography and its practice, too. In this episode, I discuss how the small Panasonic GX-1 has energized my photography and brought me to new ways of seeing.

Waitstaff, Ostuni, Puglia, 2013

Waitstaff, Ostuni, Puglia, 2013 – Shot with the little Panasonic GX-1 and the Olympus 45mm ƒ/1.8 lens

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