Jul 22 2014

Camera Position 140 : Editing & Sequencing

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Content, sequence and structure matter. This episode looks at editing down your photographs to a cogent and clear set that tells your story most effectively and strengthen the work.

We also look at the element of sequencing your images as an important element of helping you to create structure in your work. Whether you are trying to tell a story or you want to create a different type of coherence in a body of work, the process of editing and sequencing your images becomes of paramount importance.

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Mercato Rialto, Venezia, 2003 - Photograph by Jeff Curto

Mercato Rialto, Venezia, 2003 – Photograph by Jeff Curto

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Jul 08 2014

Camera Position 139 : The Story Spine

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The Story Spine is a wonderful method of conceptualizing a story. Initially conceived by playwright Kenn Adams, it’s a great tool for anyone who wants to tell a story effectively. The Story Spine is a template, but a loose one, with some open-ended statements that you can fill in to help you start to conceptualize a story.


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The Platform

  • Once Upon a Time…
  • Everyday…

The Catalyst

  • But one day…
  • Then something changed…

The Consequences

  • Because of that… (repeated as needed)
  • And then __________ occurred
  • And then…

The Climax

  • Until finally…
  • Then suddenly…

The Resolution

  • Ever since then…
  • And the moral of the story is…
  • And the funny thing was…

For a PDF of The Story Spine, click here.


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Jul 01 2014

Camera Position 138 : Telling a Story with Pictures

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Photography excels at storytelling. While a single image can tell a story, we can tell much more complex stories with sets or series of images.

If we set out to create those images with a story idea in mind, it’s much easier to have our stories make sense. This episode presents the essential elements of storytelling with images.

We’ve all known great storytellers and we know that what they are able to do is tap into both the personal and the universal when they tell a story. They also understand that a story has to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Typically, a good story has most, if not all of these elements, each of which is explained in the podcast:

  • Introduction
  • Situation
  • Main Character
  • Detail
  • Setting The Hook
  • Tension
  • Consequence
  • Conclusion

I’ve found that photographers have a much easier time with storytelling if they photograph with story in mind. If you start thinking about the story that you’ll tell before you start to photograph, you’ll have an easier time of making a story work than if you try to impose story on photographs you’ve already made.

Storyteller, Roma, 2012 - Photograph by Jeff Curto

Storyteller, Roma, 2012 – Photograph by Jeff Curto

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Jun 23 2014

Camera Position 137 : An Update

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While Camera Position has been quiet for a while, a whole lot has been going on in my life as a photographer, a teacher and a traveler. This episode is an update on the past, the present and the future for Camera Position and for me.

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Interactive iBooks by Jeff:

  • Basic Photography - An overview of the components of a camera to an exploration of exposure, aperture, shutter speed, lenses, depth of field, composition and more.
  • Resonating Images: Communicating Messages Visually – An introduction to the visual concepts of gestalt psychology, helping you see the cognitive reasons that some images resonate with us and others don’t. Using both graphic and photographic visual examples, I show you how to go beyond making images that are just visually pleasing and look at how images communicate messages to viewers.
  • The Lakeshore in Winter – I’ve spent nearly every summer on the southern shore of the largest of the Great Lakes, Superior. I’ve sailed across the waves and I’ve braved its cold water to swim all summer long. In January of 2013, I was able to spend a week in the same place that I enjoy during summer. This book is a record of that time on the lakeshore in winter.

Teaching in Italy:

Apple Distinguished Educator:

  • Apple Distinguished Educator – Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) are part of a global community of education leaders recognized for doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom.

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Jun 13 2014

Camera Position 136 : Persistence of Vision – Olivia Parker and 40 Years of Moving Forward

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Photographer Olivia Parker has been an influential and prolific photographer for more than 40 years. We look at Parker’s work, her background, her persistence and the way our networks can help inspire us and help us move us forward in our work.

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Olivia Parker's 1987 Book, Weighing the Planets

Olivia Parker’s 1987 Book, Weighing the Planets

Olivia Parker’s website:

Olivia Parker Books:
Weighing the Planets
Under the Looking Glass

Society for Photographic Education


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