Camera Position 150 : You Are Not The Viewer

You’re the photographer, not the viewer of the photographs you make. Between the making of the image and the time that the image is put out into the world for viewing, that distinction is often lost, though it’s an important one to consider for both photographers and viewers alike.

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Campidoglio, Roma, 2014 - Photograph by Jeff Curto
Campidoglio, Roma, 2014 – Photograph by Jeff Curto


Camera Position 149 : The Roots of Ideas

Every new idea is just a restatement of old ideas, or sometimes it’s several old ideas combined into a new one. Collecting ideas as you go along is a great way of mining new ways of thinking of things.
I use an Idea Bank to hold my ideas so I can use them at a later time.

For a long time, I’ve used a plain old folder to hold things like quotations, objects, articles, pictures and other ephemera. What I like about a physical folder is that I can pull the objects out from time to time and physically associate them with one another as I try to create new ideas out of things I’m interested in.

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Cactus, Tucson, 2015 - Photograph by Jeff Curto
Cactus, Tucson, 2015 – Photograph by Jeff Curto


Camera Position 148 : Snowshoes and Photography

My first experience using snowshoes to explore the winter landscape gave me some insight into the process of learning new things and slowing down the process of looking and photographing.

Check out my free e-book The Lakeshore in Winter – Filled with images and video of Lake Superior in winter or see the video Fire and Ice on Vimeo.

Camera Position 147 : A Personal Style

Each year, I take small groups of students to Italy for an intense week of photography and learning. Some destinations vary, but a constant is the workshop In Search of the Personal: Photographing Southern Tuscany, where my goal is to help my students tap into their personal way of seeing the world. This past summer, seven photographers went to the same locations but came home with dramatically different images, as they saw Tuscany with their own personal style in mind.

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Camera Position 146 : Escape Velocity

Watching a group of students just getting started in photography reminded me about how we reach “escape velocity” in photography. Their positive experience was based on time, concentration, idea and craft.

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