Camera Position 20 : The View Through

Photographs by Jeff Curto

The visual device of a “view through” from one place to another is a fairly common one in photography, and one that I tend to use often. This episode explores a variety of ways of using the idea of framing a subject to emphasize a sense of space and place.

I’ll be gone in Italy for the next 3 weeks making photographs. I’m hoping to produce a Camera Position or two while I’m gone (bringing the PowerBook and recording gear along with) but don’t know about finding high-speed access to do the uploads. With any luck, you’ll hear from me before I get back, but otherwise, I’ll be back at the end of June. Thanks for listening!

3 thoughts on “Camera Position 20 : The View Through”

  1. Hi Jeff

    Strangely enough I am working my through the back editions on an iPOD shuffle – no screen! I look at the images when I get home. Quite a visual exercise but allows me to think 🙂 Really informative and easy to listen too – your efforts are appreciated.

    All the very best, Carl

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