Tuscany Workshop Student Slideshows


Above: Photograph by Bud Hines – Siena Pants Lovers

Students in the 2009 Photography Workshop in Tuscany produced some really great images. As a “final project,” they made wonderful slideshows. Check them out below:

15 thoughts on “Tuscany Workshop Student Slideshows”

  1. I thought Italy was only in black and white…

    [Some really nice shooting–]

    Denis Hagen

  2. Hey! These are fantastic! However, while looking though Cathy’s I saw a photo of a *CAT*. I am wondering if a cat photographed in Italy is an exception to the no feline rule! Ha!

  3. Jen;

    Nearly everyone included a cat in their final group of images… as a reaction to my statement that I didn’t like pictures of cats. No “grades” on the workshop, so cats can make the cut…

  4. Jeff,

    I loved the images from Italy, they reminded me of my recent trip to Tuscany!!!… Oh, the food, wine, people, countryside and cities!!! It looked like everyone enjoyed themselves… You can never get enough of Italy!! midge

  5. Absolutely love the photos!! I am going to France but longing for Italy thanks to YOU!!
    Hope you are drinking lots of wine with no sulfates and enjoying a relaxing vacation.
    Regards, Michael Lohr

  6. Jeff…I just watched the slide shows again tonight and it made me wish we had another week there together. I have attended several workshops in the last few years but none compared with this seek spent in Tuscany with you and all of our fellow photographers.


  7. Bella Toscana!


    Hard to believe the much anticipated trip has come and gone. I too, just watched the videos again and I’m right back in Tuscany. Thank you so much for such a magical experience.

    Looking forward to the next workshop. Save me a seat!


  8. I’d *love* to do a two-week workshop! I thought about that as we were leaving… it seems we just got started and before you knew it….

  9. Jeff….Thanks for a really great week. You guided us to some spots we would have never found without you. And the group was great too, and that added greatly to the experience. All in all a superb workshop.


    PS: I found a great buy on Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, 2005 at my local Trader Joes, of all places.

  10. Anne Marie .- I love the pictures! they are well done, great job! I am very impressed, how long have you taking this class? Perhaps I can join.


  11. Apparently Mike Lohr is masquerading as me. (It’s not a split personality thing – swear!)

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