Camera Position 79 : A Workshop Overview

Taking a quick break from our project planning roadmap series, this episode of Camera Position spends some time looking at a few of the wonderful photographs produced by participants in my first-ever photography workshop in Tuscany, Italy. This podcast episode looks at two images from each of the participants. The rest of their great projects can be seen in the link below.

Our "classroom" in Tuscany
Our workshop classroom - Photograph by Gary Lewis

Students in the 2009 Photography Workshop in Tuscany produced some really great images. As a “final project,” they made wonderful slideshows. Check them out below:

9 thoughts on “Camera Position 79 : A Workshop Overview”

  1. Jeff

    What a treat and a treasure, to be able to relive the workshop experience and the work of new friends, ( the street noise accompaniment and critiques are a bonus!).

    Thanks for making memories.


  2. Jeff,
    Once again thank you. This was an additional critique that I so much enjoyed , sorry for the rain in Florence.. I have learned so much. The memories are constantly wrealing in my head . Come home safe.

  3. It was a great day to do a podcast in Firenze…. got to people watch out the window, had a guy make me a panino with proscuitto crudo and pecorino on fresh pizza bianca for lunch… had a great dinner where I chatted with a Bostonian who’s lived here in Firenze for the last 25 years, playing cello with the Florence orchestra and had a portrait drawn during dinner by a Japanese man who comes here twice a year to paint murals on walls and ceilings. Just another day in Italy….

  4. Jeff,

    Thanks for the additional critique! When I saw this I got excited about seeing what else you picked out from everyone’s work.

    It’s been a long time since a vacation’s effect has lasted long after I got home. Thanks so much, to you (and the whole group), for a wonderful trip!

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