Camera Position 78 : Project Planning Roadmap – Audience & Distribution

Who is your audience and how will they best see the work? Audience and Distribution considers not only who is interested in the work you’re producing, but also to consider how they can access the work you’re creating.


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2 thoughts on “Camera Position 78 : Project Planning Roadmap – Audience & Distribution”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I have just come across your podcasts today and wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed them 🙂

    I have many to catch up on it seems! Having just set myself a project I especially enjoyed the recent podcasts about project planning. I was somewhat relieved/pleased that I have done all those things in one way or another so I feel a bit of confirmation that I’m on the right track!!

    I also really enjoyed several of the other podcasts – it’s nice to hear some thoughtful discussion about the process of making images.

    That’s all really – thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge and time – keep going!

  2. Hi, Sue;

    Thanks for posting a comment and thanks for your kind words about the podcast… I’m glad you’re finding it useful. I’ve always found that the “tech” side of photography was the “easy” part… the hard part is figuring out what to do with it!

    All best and keep listening!


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