Slides for Camera Position 60, Back to Basics – Composition

Visuals for Camera Position 60 – Composition


3 thoughts on “Slides for Camera Position 60, Back to Basics – Composition”

  1. Jeff,

    Preface to say that I love the site and the Podcast very much, otherwise how would I have this opinion….but I must disagree with your assessment of Newman’s -“Stravinsky” photograph. Like you, I love what Newman has done here with the geometry and the voids, but I see the image as perfectly balanced; not just asymmetrically, but symmetrically.

    I believe if you place this image on pin-point center it would hardly wobble. Just for me, look again…..gray (the rectangle on the left) is heavier than white, Igor is teetering on the edge (no pun intended) to add weight to the left side, and the piano lid is at an angle as well as pushing down it’s weight on the post. I don’t mean to get carried away here, its just my background in painting, drawing and even math that have always made me love this image for just that reason; the feeling that I (not you; and that is the point of art anyway) see this image as a perfect example of balance—though artfully disguised by Mr. Newman.

    Keep up the good work, I have learned much and been reminded of things forgotten.

    Respectfully yours, WPB

  2. Thanks, WP… an interesting perspective. It’s one of the things I love about art… there are no “right answers” as everyone has a different point of view.

    I can see your point on the Newman image… I think the most interesting thing is that there is a balance in an image like that that isn’t immediately apparent… symmetrically or asymmetrically.

    Very nicely stated….

    Thanks for commenting!


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