Camera Position 60 : Back to Basics – Composition

Camera Position goes back to basics with an overview of the essentials of photographic composition, including the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Framing and Balance. Also, a mention of the work of photographer Ron Diorio.

Dorothea Lange - Tractored Out -  Rule of Thirds

Tractored Out – photograph by Dorothea Lange

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7 thoughts on “Camera Position 60 : Back to Basics – Composition”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Great episode!! I love your view on photography comparing the great masters with a reference for great groundwork to photography. Composition is what makes or breaks a photo and it never bores me to listen to peoples views on it.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for putting the effort into this great podcast. I have actually listened to every podcast and have “virtually” attend your class on the History of Photography (being semi- retired, provides the luxury of doing so).

    Your podcast have been one of the primary drivers of getting me to spend more time with my camera and to really look at my surroundings in more detail .

    Podcast like this particular one that brings you back to the basics, definitely helps me to refocus, reassess and to possibly be aware of bad habits that may have developed over time.

    Looking forward to more.



    PS- Just noticed that we are both using the same Blog theme.

  3. Thank your for this episode. Only from listening to the Basics, I think I put more thought into my photographs.
    Your podcast has been one of my favorites for a long time. Keep up the good work.

  4. Peter and Stefan;

    Thanks for the great comments! It’s good to know that you’re finding the podcasts useful and interesting…

    Thanks for listening and for stopping by to register a comment.


  5. Jeff,

    the moment I saw that you did an episode on composition I knew it would be special. Tell you what: it won against a set of Seinfeld DVDs. And: no regrets! Can I say more?

    Thank you for another inspiring episode,

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