Camera Position 71 : How To Get Really Good at Photography

How to get really good at photography! Finally, the secret is revealed. Turns out, it’s not all that hard… just live a life in the world. And make pictures.

Tractor, Sycamore Steam Festival, 2008italy_digitalleaf_2008_387

Tractor, Sycamore Steam Fest, 2008 and Spring Grapevine, Tuscany, 2008
Photographs by Jeff Curto (click for a larger view)

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4 thoughts on “Camera Position 71 : How To Get Really Good at Photography”

  1. Hi Jeff:

    I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time about several things, but now I have one more to write about. First the things I’ve been meaning to write about for months:

    I’ve been listening to your history of photography podcasts for the better part of the past year as I ride the bus to and from work. My work, like yours, is teaching in a community college arts department – I’m on the music faculty at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. Although I teach music, I’m quite serious about my photography. I want you to know that I not only greatly enjoy the subject matter of your podcasts, but I enjoy being part of your “classroom” on the net.

    Now, on to the “new” thing that I want to write about. I’ve been using RSS feeds since before they were at all popular, so I’m pretty experienced with that bit of technology. Recently, something strange has happened with your “Camera Position” feed. New posts are going out in your news feed as expected, but then they get sent again, and again, and again… Somehow the feeds for new articles, which should be sent only once, are being recreated and resent, sometimes daily.

    Take care, and thanks for your great work.


  2. Hi, Dan;

    Thanks for your comment and for listening to the podcasts!

    I’ve been trying to figure out the feed problem for a long time now. It’s annoying to me and I know it’s *really* annoying to listeners.

    Short of starting a new feed (which would require thousands of subscribers to resubscribe) I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried pretty much *everything* I can think of. The feed “validates” properly, so it’s a good feed… it just tends to repost things randomly.

    If you have any insight into how feeds work and what I might be able to do to fix it, please let me know!


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