Camera Position 70 : Go With the Gestalt (part 2)

Part two of our examination of the concepts of Gestalt in composition. Gestalt is a psychology of visual communication that helps explain how the mind works to make sense of the visual world. This episode talks about “similarity” and “proximity.”


Photographs by Jeff Curto (click for a larger view)

7 thoughts on “Camera Position 70 : Go With the Gestalt (part 2)”

  1. Jeff:

    Thank you so much for the two part episode on Go with the Gestalt. I have just embarked on a new photo project on a rather esoteric subject–documenting old lime kilns from the mid 19th to mid 20th century here is Wisconsin. I was looking for some new ways to deal with these interesting architectural features in a manner more than a straight documentary approach, and plan to incorporate all four of the points you discussed in my future work. I am very inspired and cannot wait to get out shooting! Thanks again!

  2. Jeff,

    These last 2 podcasts have been exactly what I needed. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve really been in a creative rut for a while now. After 15 years of taking college courses, reading books and magazines and now listening to podcasts, this is the first time I’ve really understood the Gestalt theory. After listening to the podcasts, numerous times, I went through my collection of Lenswork magazines and really was able to pull apart the photos and see the theory in place everywhere.

    This weekend I’m going to do a few still lifes and see what I can create.

    Thanks again.

    Look forward to more podcasts.


  3. Jeff,

    Thanks for your fantastic podcast on Gestalt principles. I’m currently studying a university introductory course to photography and found your podcasts extremely helpful, particularly the examples included. It’s one thing to read about Gestalt but to see the principles in action really helped.


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