Camera Position 171 : Tone, Value and Mr. Bennett’s Button

“Anyone can print black – just put a piece of photo paper under the enlarger, turn the enlarger light on and leave it on. But light values… ahhh… light values… they are the soul of the black and white photograph. Not everyone can print white and have it sing.”   So said one of my great photo teachers, Neil Rappaport. I took that advice to heart, but it was a visit to the Photography Study Room at the Art Institute of Chicago where I really learned the truth behind those words as I viewed Paul Strand’s photograph Mr. Bennett, Vermont, 1944.

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2 thoughts on “Camera Position 171 : Tone, Value and Mr. Bennett’s Button”

  1. Another great episode Jeff, thanks. There is an excellent documentary about Paul Strand on You Tube called, ‘Under the Dark Cloth’ in 6 parts. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. I watch it about 3 times a year without fail. Here is the URL….

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