Jeff’s a guest on One Minute How To

Just a quick post to report that George over at the One Minute How To podcast invited me to participate in his fun show, where people explain how to do something in 60 seconds.

Mine was “How To Publish Your Project In A Book”

Check it out here:

Jeff’s One Minute How To

5 thoughts on “Jeff’s a guest on One Minute How To”

  1. Jeff,

    Please get your rss feed to iTunes under control. It is a real pain deleting episodes manually every day or so. It is an even bigger pain when you are listening on an iPod in say… Your car and you get 30 seconds in and realized it’s the same freaking one that you have already heard the first 60 seconds of 13 times and listened to 2 weeks ago.

    Here is the magic recipe that every other person in the universe has figured out. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING, NOTHING, in the feed to the itunes store for a previously published podcast.

    Not so loyal listener,


    Ps. If you are doing it on purpose for some insane reason like jacking up some counter somewhere, please stop.

  2. Hi, RB;

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’ve been struggling with this, as I’m sure you know, for months now. I have two WordPress installs; they are both the same in nearly every way. One podcast repeats the posts (Camera Position), the other (History of Photography) doesn’t. I’ve posted inquiries in WordPress forums, I’ve asked people I know who are WordPress experts and I can’t figure out the problem.

    I’ve just now gone into my WordPress install and deactivated a bunch of “plug-ins” that add a number of functional bits to the blog. We’ll see if that changes anything about the repeating posts. With any degree of luck, my changes today will change the situation.

    If you are a WordPress expert, I’d be happy to take any suggestions you have on how to make sure that my install of WordPress (with its PodPress plugin that generates the feed) doesn’t repeat the existing posts. I’m open to any suggestions.

    For the record, I’m NOT CHANGING ANYTHING… NOTHING in the feed to the iTunes store for the podcast. If you can look at the structure of the feed (as I have done dozens and dozens of times) and let me know what’s wrong (as I’ve been unable to determine) then that would be a big help to me.

    And, also for the record, to suggest that I’m *making* the podcast posts repeat for the purpose of adding to my numbers is pretty preposterous. I’m giving away content, making no money*, have no advertisers, etc. I have literally no incentive to “jack up” the numbers for the podcast. To suggest otherwise is just silly.



    *In the interest of complete transparency and honesty here, a very small amount of revenue has been generated for Camera Position from T-shirt sales, Amazon “click-throughs” and PayPal donations. But, I’ve spent a lot more on starting and keeping Camera Position running than I have made through those resources. This is a completely altruistic podcast based in my love of the medium of photography.

  3. Jeff,
    its annoying but i never thought you were doing it for marketing reasons (do not see anyone). Instead I supposed you were pretty busy to look at it.

    To be honest your podcast is the only one I miss a lot when not regularly updated.

    A lot of appreciation.


  4. Dear Jeff Curto
    I have stumbled across your podcast by accident in May and have been an eager listener ever since. Photography has always intrigued me as a medium for storytelling as well as the strong emotional quality it can evoke in the viewer. It is wonderful to hear the view of other creative photographers, you have definitely broadened my knowledge and sparked an even stronger fascination.
    E du Plessis
    South Africa

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