Camera Position 68 : Zoom With Your Feet!

Zoom with your feet! Zoom lenses can interfere with the creative process by letting you get lazy with where you’re positioning your camera. Switching to a “prime” lens of a single focal length can help your composition and your thought process. We also look at “The Poor Man’s Tripod” – a simple device for helping to steady your camera.

Photographs by Jeff Curto (click for larger versions)

Poor Man’s Tripod

5 thoughts on “Camera Position 68 : Zoom With Your Feet!”

  1. Hi, Bruno;

    Well, I was just able to download it from the weblog page (where it played both in the browser and as a download) and also through iTunes.

    Try again and see what happens.


  2. Thanks for another edition. I love the poor man’s tripod concept, I’m going to try it when I have a chance. On tripods, are there recommendations on how to make a selection? Although I know equipment is not the point of this podcast, understanding the issues with selecting a tripod might be a good discussion.

    Thanks again.

  3. I was catching up on some podcast listing during a recent flight and listened to this episode. (while I can’t always listen to all the podcasts I subscribe to as soon as they are released, they are definitely not ignored forever… 🙂 )

    As usual, wonderful episode…thanks for sharing your inner thoughts on your photo capturing process.

    Also, congratulations (a bit late) on the move into the new studio. I recently launched a short term blog project asking photographers what is the view from your studio; a project inspired by Ted Orland’s book by a similar name. Perhaps you can join the project by sharing the view from your new studio and the impact that it has had on your work over the past 3 months?

  4. Greg;

    Glad to see you’ve extended the deadline for the “view from your studio” project… especially because you’ve cited “a bunch of stuff got in the way of a great idea” as one of the reasons for the need to extend. That’s my problem, as well…

    I’m on it now, tho!


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