Camera Position 10 : A Story Without Words

Photographers have to be aware of the fact that viewers of their images can’t know the whole story of how a photograph came to be. The image has to rely on its own visual authority to get the message across. Using this photograph of Sant’ Antimo, a 12th Century Romanesque abbey in rural Tuscany, I explore the idea of where images come from and how that impetus translates to the viewer.

Abbazia di Sant’ Antimo, 1997
Photograph by Jeff Curto

One thought on “Camera Position 10 : A Story Without Words”

  1. I just started listening to your podcasts and am slowly working back through them. I love the story idea. Whether it is telling someone, or something, else’s story, or telling our own stories….within each picture, there really are a “thousand words,” as the saying goes.

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