Camera Position 44 : Photographer’s Bookshelf #3

This episode of Camera Position is the third entry in an irregular series of suggestions for the serious photographer’s bookshelf. This time, the selection is “On Photography,” an important – and occasionally somewhat difficult – book of photographic criticism and thought from writer Susan Sontag.

On Photography Cover image Steichen's Milk Bottles

Diagram of Plato's Cave

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4 thoughts on “Camera Position 44 : Photographer’s Bookshelf #3”

  1. This podcast is very timely for me. I just checked this book out of the library and am about to start reading. From the introduction, it sounds like I might want Jeff to decipher every paragraph for me!

    I enjoyed this preview of the book that I’m about to dive in to. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Gordon…

    “On Photography” is definitely considered by many to be one of the most important books of photo thought and criticism of the late 20th C.

    You’ll be fine… just keep a good dictionary close by!


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