Camera Position 86 : Italy Photo Workshops – Photographing and Editing in Rome & Tuscany

One of my goals for my workshops is to help the participants learn how to cope with the volume of images that they are making and to edit their images so that the group of photographs becomes their own. This podcast is a partial response to my friend Brooks Jensen using his podcast platform to ask who is teaching this important skill to today’s photographers. Of course, my workshops are about looking and seeing and being in the world as a photographer, but we also work with ideas about how to express who you are and what you think in a series or group of images.

Just a few spots remain in my Italy photography workshops for June, 2010. Join us for “Your Story of Rome” Rome (June 1 to 5) or “In Search of the Personal – Photographing Southern Tuscany” (June 5 to 12) and explore the way the editorial process helps make meaning possible.

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Students from the 2009 workshop in action: