Camera Position 32 : Gallery Talk

Promo card for my exhibition

This week, we go into the “field” to a gallery talk I gave at an exhibition of my work. My comments give some background on my 17-year photographic exploration of Italy and the show, “Evidence of Hands, The Mediated Landscape of Italy.”

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2 thoughts on “Camera Position 32 : Gallery Talk”

  1. Jeff, I truly enjoyed this latest podcast, and thought your portaits were excellent. As I was viewing the slide show a question came up about how much attention you pay to lighting. Color photographers have the magic hours around sunset and sunrise do you have similar magic hours in B&W photography? Is it more dependent upon the subject so that each subject has its own magic hour where the light is just right?



  2. Jeff-

    The Quicktime movie was simply gorgeous — what a wonderful introduction to the experience of your work. I only wish I could have seen the show in person!

    Tanti auguri,


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