Camera Position 26 : Weston & The Edges

Edward Weston - Mushroom Edward Westion - Neil's Torso

The edges of the frame change everything about how we see a photograph. One of the great masters of the use of the photographic frame edge was Edward Weston, and today we look at his remarkable ability to show us “just enough” of the subject. The podcast briefly touches on gestalt theory for the visual arts as conceptualized by Rudolf Arnheim.

For some reason, the podcast file for this week’s Podcast doesn’t have any pictures embedded in the file. Not sure what happened, really, and I’m away from my “production computer” for a week or so, so I can’t check it. I’ll try to fix it when I’m back.

2 thoughts on “Camera Position 26 : Weston & The Edges”

  1. Hi, Dirk;

    Thanks for your comment. Actually, the clipping of that shadow and lantern were intentional choices. Letting the mind to complete the shape of an object is often more interesting than completing it in a literal sense in the image. This isn’t my idea, it’s really the photographic element of Gestalt Theory:

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