Camera Position 77 : Project Planning Roadmap – Production: Needs, Habits & Goals

Now that we have an idea for a project and a mission for what that project will do and for whom, we have to start making some images and actually creating the body of work. This episode deals with our needs, our habits and our goals, all aspects of project time managment.needshabitsgoals

6 thoughts on “Camera Position 77 : Project Planning Roadmap – Production: Needs, Habits & Goals”

  1. Thanks, Gordon….

    I have to admit that I should probably put Camera Position production on a “project planning” schedule.



  2. I just had a stroke 4 years ago and had to life over. I’m studing to be a photographer now and along with school your podcasts have made my journey much easier. I’m thinking of teaching photography when I have I few more years. I like your method of teaching and wanting to say Thank You!

  3. I’ll tell you, Dale…

    That is one of the best notes I’ve ever gotten about Camera Position!

    I really appreciate that you’re listening and that you took the time to write.

    Keep photographing!

  4. I’ve been away from my podcast library for a month or more but what a treat I had catching up today!
    This has to be one of my favorites of your podcasts. I actually listened to it twice. What a great creative roadmap–it’s concrete but open and extremely well organized. I tend to get an idea, start a project and then watch it die a slow death and fade away. With the tools you’ve laid out in this podcast (which I am going to listen to again, with pen and paper instead of the dog’s leash in hand), I think I can follow through and wind up satisfied instead of frustrated.
    Thanks, Jeff, for the time and effort this podcast must have demanded.

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