Camera Position 193 : Is It Art?

As photographers, we know that there is a fairly wide range of options available to us that change what was to what we show the world in our images. Every photograph is a composite of the choices we make as the person who eventually presents the image. Every photograph is an interpretation of the way the world really looks.

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Bevagna, Umbria, 2016
Bevagna, Umbria, 2016 (might be art)

2 thoughts on “Camera Position 193 : Is It Art?”

  1. Great podcast! There are so many aspects of this topic to pursue further. Items like the links between painting and photography (which you’ve discussed), as well as each individual’s perception of color (is your red the same as my red?) For some thought-provoking ideas about light, check out “catching the Light” by Arthur Zajonc.

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