Camera Position 160 : Accept the Inner Critic

With creative work, there is often a gap between our ambitions and our ability to create work that meets our expectations. Fortunately, our “inner critic” is there to help us close the gap between our goals and the photographs we make.

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Vigolo Marchese, Emila-Romagna, 2015 Photograph by Jeff Curto
Vigolo Marchese, Emila-Romagna, 2015 Photograph by Jeff Curto


2 thoughts on “Camera Position 160 : Accept the Inner Critic”

  1. Hi Jeff…
    My name is Ed Mathis and i am the Pres. of the Winnipeg South Photo Club…Your Cameraposition lectures have come to me by way of Anil Sud in Winnipeg. He sent me the link and i have been a follower ever since. I want to play these to our photo club, 2 per month at the beginning of each meeting. Is this ok with you?
    AND i was wondering if your Critique 4 steps would work well in a group of say 20 or 25 and have a different member add their comments on your 1-4 steps or pick 4 members that will do the steps for the evening and next month pick 4 other members to do the 4 steps for images we are reviewing?
    your thoughts.
    These are truly excellent by the way…


  2. Hi, Ed; thanks for listening, and for the kind words! I’m delighted to have you play the podcasts at your club meetings! Thanks so much for thinking of that innovative way of using the podcasts.

    I think it would probably work best to at least start with having a small group of members contribute their comments, at least for the first few times you do it. That way, you can pick a few members who can follow the protocol and not veer off into the “reaction” or “direction” strategies that are more comfortable. Once you have done that a few times, then having the larger group contribute is a great idea, but it seems to work best if you can really direct people to follow the “complete sentences” strategy in the 4-step process to Describe, Analyze, Interpret and Evaluate an image.

    Let me know how it works!

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