Camera Position 03 : Paul Caponigro’s Two Leaves

Camera Position #3 features a discussion about one of my all-time favorite photographs by one of my all-time favorite photographers, Paul Caponigro. The photograph, “Two Leaves, Brewster, NY, 1963” is discussed alongside some images that were made at the same time, giving us some sense of how a photographer finds and “works” a subject.

Two Leaves, Brewster, NY, 1963
Photograph by Paul Caponigro

2 thoughts on “Camera Position 03 : Paul Caponigro’s Two Leaves”

  1. Hi there,

    I just discovered your web presence and all the great web offerings you have. I decided to satart with your podcasts from the very beginning but notice that podcast #1 is missing. Is it still available?

    Secondly, The third podcast here discusses alternative photos from the main one discussed but I don’t see them anywhere on your page. Have they been removed?

    Thanks for getting me oriented!

    Scott Jones

  2. Ahhhh, found number 1, and suspect the extra images are on the enhanced iTunes version. I simply listen on non-proprietary devices, not being an Apple fan. Thanks – I am all set and enjoying your podcasts sequentially…..


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