Camera Position 59 : Evidence of Hands on Stone

After an insanely busy fall, I’m back in front of the podcast mic, talking about photography. In this episode of Camera Position, we go to the Midwest Society of Photographic Education conference in Flint, Michigan, where I presented a 40 minute talk about my photographs of Italy. This episode of camera position is that presentation, including its visuals, The Italian Portfolio: Evidence of Hands on Stone.

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2 thoughts on “Camera Position 59 : Evidence of Hands on Stone”

  1. I really enjoyed your presentation. How refreshing to have a real photographer talking about photography. The extra historical information added ‘colour’ to your b&w pictures, very interesting indeed. I’m a 35mm user, I’d love to explore medium format, though large format may stretch my patience! A friend of mine used to use 5×4 and was extolling it’s virtue to me last week. It did I admit whet my appetite. The textures it produces are sumptuous, as seen on your examples

  2. Hi, Jeremy;

    Thanks for your note and for your vote of confidence! I really love the large format camera. For me, it’s a lot of what photography is about. Patience is a virtue, indeed!

    All best, and thanks for listening!


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