Camera Position 56 : The Parable of the Sheep

Abruzzo Sheep - Photograph by Jeff Curto

Abruzzo Sheep – Photograph by Jeff Curto
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Photographers should always use the right tool for the job, right? But what if you’re stuck with the wrong tool in the right situation? You just wing it, that’s what, and sometimes something interesting happens. That was the case with me this summer when I was stuck with my 4×5 camera in a situation that really demanded a smaller, more mobile machine. Lemonade out of lemons? Lamb chops out of… wait… no… bad analogy…

11 thoughts on “Camera Position 56 : The Parable of the Sheep”

  1. Von;

    I think there are *always* prints available!


    Actually, I’ve not quite gotten around to printing the sheep images, but that’s coming soon.

    And, Jane… I’m not completely sure that I understand your comment about a mobile phone… as in “my mobile phone would have been a bit more quick on the draw than my view camera”?

    Anyway, thanks for the positive thoughts, folks…


  2. Great as always Jeff.
    What kind of audio recorder were you using when you were recording those sheep?
    That’s such a great idea to keep an audio recorder with you in the field.

    Looking forward to more shows…

    – Joe

  3. As Ted Orland says: Expose for the shadows and develop for the surprises! Wonderful lesson on how to let go and create. Heck with the right tools, vision wins out all the time, regardless of the micro seconds of thought or exposure.

  4. Joe;

    Thanks for the comment about the show. I really appreciate it. I have a Edirol R-09, which is a spiffy little digital audio recorder made by Roland. It’s not cheap, but it’s really quite good, even with the built-in mics. The hard part is keeping quiet when I’m recording stuff… and remembering to turn the darn thing on when the audio component is good.

    I noted the other day that Samson has a new, less expensive offering than they had before, the H2 Handy Recorder. It’s worth a look.


  5. Michael;

    Yep, sometimes (OK, maybe *all* the time) photography gives us gifts that we didn’t plan for and didn’t imagine. It’s really so much fun when that happens.

    As Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind….”

    But, sometimes ya gotta just let stuff happen.


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