Tuscany Photo Workshop 2012 – Student Slideshows

After a wonderfully rich week of wandering beautiful Tuscan hilltowns and sublime landscapes, photographing, talking about photography and editing through our best work, here are some slideshows from my talented workshop students.

Amanda with her 4x5 in Tuscany
Amanda with her 4×5 in Tuscany


5 thoughts on “Tuscany Photo Workshop 2012 – Student Slideshows”

  1. Hey everyone…Looks like your having a great time and making some very nice images. Wish we were there.

  2. Bravo to Amanda, Ruth, and Keith for jobs well done! Beautiful photography by all. I enjoyed each of your slideshows. Thank you for sharing them with the world. Each of you have a particular few photos that are exceptional, and certain prize winners!

  3. I just finished watching these slideshows with a huge lump in my throat. I loved them! The musical selections provided further emotional connection. Someday I’ll join you all again for another fabulous workshop. Kudos to all.

  4. Beautiful and inspirational. I enjoy studying photographs (to enhance my skills), there is much to study here, a cornucopia, and a lot to learn from you. Thank you.

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