Camera Position 08 : Strand’s “The Family”

Paul Strand’s masterful 1953 portrait “The Family” acts as a backdrop for some thoughts on how interaction between the photographer and subject and among the subjects themselves creates visual and emotional interest in a photograph.

The Family, Luzzara, Italy, 1953
Photograph by Paul Strand

3 thoughts on “Camera Position 08 : Strand’s “The Family””

  1. I’ve recently been reviewing much of my own online photographs, and have found a need to revisit the concepts you covered here in this podcast. It also was a great review of relationships of subjects within a photograph.

    Often in my photojournalism work I find it necessary to limit the direct communication of camera to subject, your podcast had given me some great food for thought, thanks!

  2. This is such an impressive and captivating photo. It feels like it is alive.
    Where can I find a copy of this picture to buy?


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